Cardwin Intellectual Property Group


The Cardwin Design Group maintains an Intellectual Property Group.

The Cardwin IP Group works to define and describe the creative output of the Cardwin Design Group, and that of our clients.

We distill brands down to their IP essence, and then support them in commercialising it.

Using the tools of copyright, patent law, and international licensing the team defends and protects the intellectual property of Cardwin Design Group and our clients as it is deployed globally.

The IP Group develops new projects and makes recommendations as to which ventures are candidates for further investment. The IP Group is charged with maintaining a pipeline of innovation that has the potential to deliver powerful revenue streams and increased capital value for our stakeholders.

Each year the IP Group reviews many projects and business plans using a formal development process honed over 30 years. Current projects are being nurtured through the development phases.

The partners who lead the IP Group have a strong track record -- They have led companies on four continents; they have managed multiple IPO’s. They have helped leading brands break their traditional geographical boundaries and grow globally.

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