Cardwin See-Thru® Souvenir Cards

The ultimate gift, the ultimate souvenir with sheer ‘WOW’ factor delivering lasting memories that live on far beyond an actual visit. Cardwin See-thru® Souvenir Cards are totally unique, mirroring the effects of stained glass windows. These interactive cards create conversations and provide multiple purchase and gift opportunities. We believe no other printed product can create such a stunning impact nor leave such a lasting impression.
Prototype See-thru® Souvenir Cards – Tate Modern, London See-thru® Gallery Cards – Global Distribution
See-thru® Souvenir Cards – Kim FA, Tahiti See-thru® Bookmarks – global collection
Prototype See-thru® Souvenir Cards – Safari Park See-thru® VIP Cards – Ed Hardy • Vodafone

World Class Design Enhances Your Brand

Exceptional creative design is the differentiator that gets a brand or product noticed and Cardwin Design Group has over two decades of global design experience, working with some of the world’s biggest brands. From concept to final creation and powerful copywriting, our design team gives you access to world-class design delivering your brand in the best possible light.

Proprietary Print Techniques

Being ‘crowned’ Supreme Award Winner (and winning 7 x Gold Awards) at the New Zealand 2013 National ‘Pride In Print’ Awards is no small achievement. Cardwin Design Group is a world leader and innovator in the art of screen printing with over 10 years of proprietary design and printing developments. Add to this our ‘clean-room’ pressurised printing plant and the move to more environmentally friendly UV inks and you have access to an unmatched level of excellence in the printing industry.

Stunning Effects ‘WOW’ Customers

It never ceases to amaze us, the reaction from someone experiencing one of our cards for the very first time. We have come to know this as the ‘WOW’ effect. It is the ability of our inks to mirror the effects of stained glass windows. We incorporate many unique effects: Opaque printing barrier techniques, depth effects, colour contour layering, transparent & translucent inks, Snap-tabs®, pearlesence, writable & ‘chameleon’ inks, hi-builds and more.

Healthy Margins From Premium Products

Design is the key tool of brand and product differentiation and the premium and unique products created by Cardwin Design Group command premium prices and deliver very healthy margins to the retailer. There is simply no comparison between the interactivity of our stunning See-thru® Souvenir or Gift Cards and plain printed cardboard or paper products.