Cardwin Snap-Tab® See-Thru® Greeting Card Bookmarks

Nicknamed the ‘naked’ Bookmark, this collection comes in its purest form featuring a built in Snap-tab® hangsell section for easy display options on prongs. Requiring no packaging, customers can touch and feel the physical bookmarks. This stunning product is pitched at a sharp retail price and is designed to appeal to impulse purchase shoppers.


  • A world first featuring stunning See-thru® stained glass window effects
  • Built in Snap-tab® hangsell
    merchandise device
  • ‘Naked’ - requires no packaging
  • Sharp retail price point
  • Designed as an impulse purchase
  • World famous artists, beautiful
    modern art
  • Designed and screen printed in New Zealand
  • Purpose built counter dispenser requiring minimal counter space
  • Retailers can merchandise using their own ‘prong’ systems
  • Premium merchandising materials
  • 24 bookmarks launch collection
  • Images matched to key demographic and psychographic consumer profiles

Cardwin Snap-Tab® See-Thru® Bookmark Collection