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Welcome to the Cardwin Design Group

The Cardwin Global Vision

Build intellectual capital by developing new business ventures, products and services for the global market place.

Grow the intellectual capital resident in existing businesses or brands, and develop it to reach new and larger markets.

Create connection and communication between our partners, clients and capital partners to raise the worth for all.

What We Believe

  1. In the primacy of design.
  2. That good design raises the worth of intellectual capital within any organisation.
  3. Design is the foundation of every single aspect of a business—including the business itself.
  4. When all other factors are equal—design is the differentiator.
  5. Differentiation is the key to enterprise growth, longevity and success.
  6. A global vision is a catalyst for the growth that drives powerful business and brand design.
  7. You cannot grow to full potential without a global vision.
  8. You cannot realize a global vision without successfully executing a local vision.
  9. Nothing happens until something is sold.
  10. That retail remains the dominant arena for influencing consumer behaviour.
  11. That retail remains the sternest challenge when a brand looks to succeed.
  12. Intellectual properties designed and developed to enable long-term retail success are therefore supremely valuable.

Our Retail Focus

Cardwin remains focused on designing and developing intellectual properties that enable retailers, manufacturers and vendors to maximize sales and gross margin. We have driven improved results in the following retail channels:

  • Bricks and Mortar Retail Stores
  • Online Retail Stores
  • Retail Catalogs
  • Business-to-Consumer Direct Marketing systems
  • Direct Sales teams networks
  • Multi-Channel retail sales. More »

Cardwin Partner Group

The Cardwin partner group is deeply experienced. Some members of our partner group have worked together for over 30 years. We have executed (and continue to execute) major client as well as Cardwin retail projects in New Zealand, Australia, Asia, USA, Canada, the United Kingdom and Europe. Our experience has shown us that any business, regardless of age or size, can be designed and built according to the proven principles common to the most successful and enduring global brands. The Cardwin partner group is deeply experienced at applying such principles at the local retail level so that the global and local vision is experienced as one. More »

Cardwin Design Group Services

We execute our global vision and deliver Cardwin's services to both our own companies and our client's companies through six internal groups:

  1. Cardwin Design Studios
  2. Cardwin Brand Group
  3. Cardwin Retail Group
  4. Cardwin Product Group
  5. Cardwin Print Group
  6. Cardwin IP Group

Global Client List

Over the last three decades, Cardwin partners have worked directly on some of the largest and most successful brands in the world. These clients include American international Group, Conagra, Fonterra and Vodafone. More »


It is one thing to talk about yourself. It is quite another thing to have others talk on your behalf. We invite you read a selection of testimonials provided by clients we have partnered with to create outstanding results. More »


Cardwin design and brand partners have worked on catalogs that won the coveted gold medal in the American Catalog Awards seven times.

Cardwin print partners have won gold medals at the prestigious Pride in Print Awards seven times.

While we prize such awards which recognize our creative excellence, as a group we prize more the increases in sales we have achieved.

“Clients from all over the world seek Cardwin's expertise to help them develop their intellectual properties. Cardwin is an invaluable resource, with a proven track record. We work seamlessly with clients, their agencies and their design teams. As the owners of our own global businesses, we deeply understand the real world needs of business owners. Please contact us and let us show you how we can help you ignite your brand and sales and achieve your intellectual property goals.”

Chris Hardy – Cardwin Design Group, Managing Partner

Integrated Branding Strategies

Integrated Branding Strategies

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Image Branded Credit Cards

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