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Cardwin has seen great design drive business success and we are proud to have contributed to the success of some of the most respected brands in the US, europe, Asia, new Zealand and Australia.

Our expertise in brand building has lead to increased shareholder value for the likes of:

  • Vodafone, the world’s largest mobile company
  • Westpac, one of Australasia’s largest banks
  • Foster’s, one of the world’s largest alcohol and beverage companies
  • Seaworld, one of the biggest aquatic theme parks in the U.S.
  • Tip Top, New Zealand’s largest ice cream company and many, many more.

Our experience has proven that ultimately, all product and price advantages become neutralized through the forces of competition. Creative design is the differentiator that determines whether marketing materials produce results or are tossed in the trash.

Design thus becomes the chief tool of brand and product differentiation.

“Fifteen years ago companies competed on price, today it’s quality, tomorrow it’s design.” 
  –  Financial Times

“In a world of largely saturated markets and many alternatives, astonishing the customer through superior design is the path to exceptional growth and products.” 
  –  Management Today

Our design studios are based in Auckland, New Zealand - one of the most advanced and innovative countries in the world as the Lord of the Rings trilogy, Flight of the Concords and numerous America’s Cup challenges attest to.

The Cardwin Design Group can help you build your brand and ignite your sales.

Steve Dunlop – Cardwin Design Studios, Managing Partner

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