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Nike USA

Our new cards look awesome...great work. You guys do an exceptional job and the reaction that we get from people when we share these cards with them is really amazing. Its been a pleasure working with you guys and again, many thanks for all of the hard work and support on this project.

— David Frank, Brand Manager

Westpac New Zealand

What can I say...the Juice team are a passionate bunch! They are creative, energetic, professional and have never missed a deadline, which is really saying something about their abilities. I have worked with them on a multitude of projects, from retail strategy to corporate identity and design, and their can-do attitude and enthusiasm, even in the face of extreme timings, has made them a very valuable part of our wider team at Westpac.

— Kate Tinkler, Brand Manager

Vodafone Australia

Creative Juice has a passion and commitment to the Vodafone brand in Australia that never falters, regardless of the challenges we throw at them. They have partnered with us for an impressive five years now and are, without a doubt, the rock that’s held our retail brand communications together in a period of continual change.

They have an intimate knowledge of the retail environment in Australia and a natural ability to focus on the customer when producing impactfull retail campaigns. They go above and beyond to deliver - and always with smiles on their faces.

— Justine Grafton, Marketing Campaigns Manager

Vodfone New Zealand

Vodafone Channel Marketing consider Creative Juice to be their fifth limb, they’ve become so reliant on this agency. Why? Because they have a genius for turning challenging through-the-line communications briefs into sales-driving, beautifully executed campaigns. All this in spite of very short lead times and often challenging budgets. Plus they’re relentlessly upbeat, regardless of what we throw at them.

— Charlotte Findlay,  Acquisitions Manager

Jacobsen Creative Services

Creative Juice displays the sort of delirious energy you just don’t see very often. They stand out head and shoulders above the rest. Our business operates on various levels – corporate, trade and retail – so our communication and branding has to speak to all these groups equally effectively. Creative Juice manages this with ease.

It’s not unusual for them, quite out of the blue, to call us with a new idea (an idea that was not prompted by a brief) proving how much they are ‘a part of our business’ and how well they understand our business.

No challenge is ever too much, and the exuberance and vivacity that the whole team displays makes working with the ‘Juice’ a fun (and often entertaining!) experience.

— Anna Murphy, Marketing Manager

Foster's—New Zealand Wine

It‘s a pleasure to work with an agency that puts sound thinking and effort into our brands as if they were their own. The vitamin-boosted Creative Juice team has worked across many of our brands.

They consistently produce quality work for us on any brand they touch and always give 110%, regardless of the size of the task or budget. And if required, a collaborative approach with a mix of our agencies has never been a problem - the solution has always been a seamless communication strategy that is actionable, and achievable. Tasks spanning from through-the-line brand communication, promotional work, packaging to merchandise... with a twist, it’s always with gusto and a smile.

We’ve thrown several unusual ‘fruits’ their way and the result is always a masterful and cost-efficient beverage, unlike anything the consumer has tasted before. The Creative Juice blender is always on maximum speed and, mmmm, it’s good!

— Caroline Bell, Senior Brand Manager




Our Cardwin cards get a great response every time, particularly in the US and UK - we have people just stare at our cards every time they are presented.

Our business card is an important face to our brand and we need to make a statement that says - premium and innovative.

The only down-side of Cardwin cards is that people often go on so much about how cool the card is, that we have to remind them we are here to sell Vodka and Gin and not talk about how cool our business card is.

— Geoff Ross, Chief Vodka Bloke and CEO

Blitz Agency Los Angeles

You can’t get more image conscious (read: obsessed) than an Advertising Agency in Los Angeles, California. BLITZ trusts its “My card dahling.. have your people call my people” image to Cardwin.

As a creative agency we need a calling card that inspires trust, intrigue and a little bit of awe in our clients and colleagues.

Cardwin's innovative cards and manufacturing technology have allowed us to let our creativity run wild to create a truly stunning business card and their staff are always a pleasure to work with.

— Ken Martin, Chief Creative Officer

Atomic Coffee Roasters

We were looking for a unique solution to expedite cash handling and introduce a client loyalty scheme that was more workable than a dog eared cardboard card in a wallet. The cash problem was clients using EFTPOS for single purchases (the main hassle being the transaction) or presenting a $20 note with ensuing problems of sufficient loose change. Cardwin developed a 6 x ‘snap’ $20 card that looked exciting and fitted in an average wallet.

The base part has space for customer’s name and contact number that go in the draw for a regular prize. The ease of use and novelty has proved to be a much bigger success than we first dreamed. Our initial run of 4,000, has already been exhausted and we have just received our second run of over 5,000 about 15 months since the first.

Our clients love them as they are quick, convenient, save bank fees and they feel a part of the Atomic Coffee Roasters special client base. Our baristi love them as they have reduced EFTPOS transactions and are no longer sending out for spare change. Our accountant loves them as we get $20 up front. Currently we are selling 70-100 cards per week.

— David, Atomic Coffee Roasters New Zealand