Brand Group Overview

Many people ask “what makes up a brand?” The question that should be asked is “what does not make up a brand?”

We define a brand as: “A complex cluster of value satisfactions.”

We choose this definition because we believe that it forces us to confront both the macro view of a brand and the micro details that it takes to create the ultimate brand.

The Cardwin Brand Group has a developed a methodical approach to building a brand.

Our approach is based on building a complete understanding of the client’s business through a methodical review and definitions process. This approach stems entirely from the belief that drives all of our thinking—“nothing happens until something is sold.” To us, it is clear and obvious that nothing can be properly sold until there is a complete understanding of the entire business.

The ultimate brand is the ultimate salesperson. It embodies and communicates the totality of the understanding of the business through every single aspect of the company. Therefore, before the ultimate brand can be built, a complete understanding of the business must be achieved by those responsible for building the brand elements.

Our Strategic review and Brand Development Process ensures that we develop a complete understanding of your business. this process consists of six phases:

Phase 1: Review and Understanding
Phase 2: Definitions
Phase 3: Creative Concepts
Phase 4: Creative Production
Phase 5: Implementation
Phase 6: review and Modification

These six review phases are key to making sure that the untapped resources lying dormant within your company are awakened. Our experience has been that most companies do not understand the importance of the six phases of developing and maintaining a brand.

Most companies are overly focused on Phase 3, the Creative Phase, because it is the most tangible. We have proven that the “intangible” Phases 1 and 2 are what determine whether the brand becomes an average brand or the ultimate brand.

As previously stated, the brand should be considered the ultimate salesperson. The ultimate salesperson would first review and understand everything about the company, its competitors, and the marketplace. The ultimate salesperson would fully define exactly what he/she is selling. Then, and only then, would he/she begin selling. Therefore, a company that wants to develop the ultimate brand must be totally committed to their marketing and creative teams executing all six phases in full.

When you work with the Cardwin Design Group you will hear us talk a lot about Brand Constituents. We are very keen on this idea:

The ultimate brand is crafted and communicated to fulfil the values of all its constituent groups.

Over the last 30 years the Cardwin partners have seen attributes common to all the successful brands they have nurtured. The attribute of constituency satisfaction is a key one. We use this term to highlight the mistake we see commonly made by brands that fail – a focus on customers as the only potential targets for a brand. At Cardwin we ensure success by widening our efforts to work with all of a brand’s constituents: Staff, customers, prospects, partners, vendors, competitors, news media, trade media, financiers, investors, stockholders, property owners, regulatory authorities, industry standards organizations, and industry experts.

We have seen that by developing a brand to appeal to all constituents, and not just a tight customer demographic, we make more money in less time.

The Cardwin Brand Group is a resource that other Cardwin departments call in to assist with projects and ensure success. We work closely with the Cardwin IP Group, and with clients who seek our help in cracking global marketplaces.

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