Print Group Overview

The Cardwin Print Group prints for both client companies and our own companies.

Our Client Print Group is comprised of two divisions:

  1. Foster Screenprinting which is focused on specialty items, such as control panels and keypads, and;
  2. Cardwin Systems which is focused on corporate formats such as business cards and prepay cards.

Our Proprietary Product Print Group is focused on printing our exclusive Masters of Light Collection as well as our Unforgettable Postcards Collection both of which are marketed globally.

Our manufacturing and design facilities are based in Auckland, New Zealand - one of the most advanced and innovative countries in the world as the Lord of the Rings trilogy, Flight of the Concords and numerous America’s Cup challenges attest to. Yet, because of its favorable currency conversion, its place in the UPS global delivery system, its advanced digital infrastructure and highly skilled work force, New Zealand represents one of the world’s premier low cost specialty manufacturing bases.

Cardwin Print Group is an award winning specialty printing company. We are focused on helping clients ignite their brand and their sales by designing and creating powerful promotions that are printed on ‘glass-clear’ polycarbonate. In fact, designing and printing on ‘glass- clear’ polycarbonate has been our passion for over ten years. We believe that no other material can create such a stunning initial impact nor make such a lasting impression.

Our Passion Is Printing On ‘Glass-Clear’ Polycarbonate

Our exclusive Printing Process incorporates the use of an Opaque Barrier Technique (OBT) enabling multi-layered printing on both sides of the ‘glass-clear’ polycarbonate creating stunning depth effects, transparency and opacity. This process, used by leading marketers to ignite their brands and sales is unique and proprietary to the Cardwin Print Group.

This print process is highly specialized and unique and is available only in New Zealand. It is not merely a duplicable manufacturing process, it is a creative process more akin to a craft or an art. As a result, companies from all over the world seek out Cardwin's printing expertise to help them build their brand and their sales and to stand out from the crowd.

At Cardwin, we have been focused on mastering ‘glass- clear’ polycarbonate printing for over a decade so it can be used as a key component in brand building and to create unique and amazing retail products for our own product group.

When we design and print on ‘glass- clear’ polycarbonate, utilizing our proprietary print process, we can enhance a brand in a way that no other material can even approximate. Leading brands choose Cardwin because the results achieved from using ‘glass-clear’ polycarbonate and our print process are superior to those achieved when printing on even the finest handmade papers.

Harness The Power of Light

Our exclusive print process opens up new avenues for design. We can now layer up to 15 matt and gloss colors, using opaque, translucent, metallic and mirrored inks plus create textures and lighting effects that mirror stained glass windows. We can create:

  • Areas of clear and colored transparency that customers hold to the light and say “Wow!”
  • A 3D impression that mesmerizes customers
  • Textured surfaces that refract the light
  • Ultra subtle logos and designs using matt and gloss inks that reflect light.

Also, one of the key qualities of the ‘glass- clear’ polycarbonate we utilize in the design of our products is its ability to be die-cut, punched and scored. This quality has enabled us to develop our exclusive Snaptech range of formats.

In fact, Cardwin has twelve powerful card formats you can use to carry your brand promise to your customers in a premium manner. This includes our custom option. If you can dream it, we can create it.

Click on the Cardwin Print Showcase below to see a showcase of our 12 formats

We invite you to join our family of leading brands.

Matt Foster – Cardwin Print Group, Managing Partner (and Third Generation Printer)

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